Short Films: Superman vs. Hulk

Check out Mike Habjan’s series of Superman vs. Hulk CGI short films. Mike works on these independently on his own time and has put in years of work. You can see between each part how much improvement he has made as the graphics just get better, the action gets more intense, and the length of each part is longer. He has done a superb job and I hope he keeps making more of these. Check them out and enjoy!
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Movie Chatter: ‘Iron Man 3: What Should Have Happened…’ by Adam Frazier

hulk vs iron manAdam Frazier, aka FamousMonster, of Geeks of Doom wrote a quick story of what he thinks Iron Man 3 should have been and I have to say it is music to my ears. His writing plays out like a movie in your head especially since we are already familiar with all the characters. He begins by summarizing his bitter distaste towards Iron Man 3 and then shows us what potential it had not only as a sequel to the Iron Man series but a direct aftermath story to the events of Avengers. As someone who could not be more excited for Iron Man 3 and then leaving the theater feeling completely duped, I actually felt the excitement I wanted to feel just reading what Frazier wrote. I wanted to share his story to other Iron Man and Avengers fans too in the hopes that they appreciate it as much as I did. It’s not a complete story and he fast forwards through the details so it is not a long read. He just gives you a gist of a story. It’s just for his piece of mind to show that there was so much potential and for others like myself who don’t have the imagination nor the knowledge of the comic books to piece together a superior story than what Shane Black and Drew Pearce could come up with. Here is a small sample of what Frazier offers but please take the time to stop by Geeks of Doom to check out his original post.

Instead of Malibu, Iron Man 3 should have picked up in Manhattan at Stark Tower, referred to as Avengers Tower now thanks to the single A on the side of the building. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are at work on unlocking the secrets of inter-dimensional travel, wormholes, space aliens – you know, genius stuff.

Meanwhile, overseas, Iron Patriot (Don Cheadle) is fighting a one-man war against The Ten Rings, a terrorist organization using a stockpile of Stark Industries weapons to kill innocents and spread fear. The Ten Rings are lead by a mysterious warlord known as the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) – a master of deception who sits in the shadows and threatens the American people with Al-Qaeda-like taped messages. Continue reading