iOS Tip: Alternatives to iOS Stock Apps for iPhone & iPad

hero_frontApple’s core iOS apps are good enough for what they are intended for but there are much better apps out there that can improve your iPhone or iPad experience. A lot of them are free and the others are worth the price tag. Here I will offer a list and short review of each. Continue reading


App Review: QBright – One Press to Change Your Screen’s Brightness

Image-1If you’re like me then the first thing you do in the morning is check your phone for any new messages, emails, facebook notifications, sports scores, and whatever else. (I call this moment ‘My Morning Briefing.’) However, when you’re just waking up your eyes are more sensitive to bright lights and even the iPhone screen can just be too much for your eyes to take. Enter Quick Brightness – QBright for short.

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iOS Tip: How to Use Google Maps Through Siri

Prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps? Love the convenience of Siri? Wish you could have the best of both worlds? Yes, it is true that when you ask Siri for “directions home” it opens Apple Maps by default. However, there is a simple trick that allows you to ask for directions and still use your preferred map application including Google Maps. There are no settings to change and it does not involve jailbreaking or anything complicated like that. All you have to do is say is the magic words, “… via transit.” So the next time you need directions ask Siri how you normally would but follow it with those two magic words. “Directions home via transit.” Siri will then show you a list of map applications you have installed to select from as we’ll as populate a list of other map apps you can download from the App Store. Select Google Maps and it will open it with the directions for you ready to go!


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App Review: Jasmine – a Superior YouTube Client

20130126-214723.jpgJasmine is a full-featured YouTube app for iOS. It’s free and there is both an iPhone/iPod Touch version and an iPad version. The one word that comes to mind when using this app is elegance. It is just a simple yet beautiful app. I enjoy the user interface much more than Google’s official YouTube app. I actually wish Google would just buy it out and release it as its official one.

But the beauty of this app isn’t actually the reason I recommend this. What I love most about it is the ability to fully create and manage playlists. More specifically, you can search for all the songs of your favorite albums and organize the tracks in order into playlists. With this app you essentially have access to all your favorite albums. And it’s so simple to do. Even the official YouTube app doesn’t have the ability to create playlists. You can somewhat edit them but nowhere near as smooth and easy as you can on Jasmine. You can name a playlist of your favorite album, search for all the songs, and add them to your playlist all from within the search list in less than a minute. Doing this on the YouTube app is just much more cumbersome.
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