iOS Tip: Alternatives to iOS Stock Apps for iPhone & iPad

hero_frontApple’s core iOS apps are good enough for what they are intended for but there are much better apps out there that can improve your iPhone or iPad experience. A lot of them are free and the others are worth the price tag. Here I will offer a list and short review of each. Continue reading


Short Film: Agent Orange – Directed by the Late Tony Scott

Here is another short by the late Tony Scott. (Check my previous post forĀ Beat the Devil.) Agent Orange was made in 2004 after Man on Fire and before Domino according to IMDb. Man on Fire was Tony Scott’s first movie with his psychedelic style with quick edits and blends of fire tone colors. It was heavily used again in Domino. This short is part of a series of short films commissioned by where the central theme was karma – what goes around comes around. This is probably why the color orange is so dominant throughout.

In Agent Orange a young man waiting in the subway spots a girl dressed in all orange and is completely captivated by her. Before he realizes, she is on the train and the doors close. He has to wait the next day in the hopes that she will be at the same subway at around the same time of day. We continue to see what this man does as he desperately tries to meet the girl that has become infatuated with.

And now, the feature presentation… Enjoy!

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