How To: Change Your Wi-Fi Name & Password on Xfinity or Comcast

comcast_xfinityEver get annoyed at the ridiculously long and confusing password for your wi-fi network given to you through your internet provider? Usually when you get your internet installed the wi-fi name and password is predetermined for you and the password is annoyingly long and often difficult to remember. It’s even more embarrassing when friends come over and ask for your password and you have to play the game of reading it slowly for them to type it into their device. Fortunately, there is an easy way to change the wi-fi name and password. The following directions are for Xfinity or Comcast.

wifi router

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How To: Set Xfinity or Comcast Remote to Control Volume on a Surround Sound Device

Silver_with_Red_OK_Button-small.ashxWhen you get cable installed the installer usually programs your cable box remote to also control the power and volume for your TV. However, if you use a surround sound system for audio then you still need a separate remote just to control the volume. There is a way though to have the volume buttons control your surround sound system rather than your TV or cable box no matter what mode your remote is on – CABLE, TV, or AUX. These simple instructions are for Xfinity or Comcast users.


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Movie Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Evil-Dead-PosterFor fans of the original and for the younger generation horror fans, I am here to give my approval for Fede Alvarez’s new take on The Evil Dead. He has a clear understanding of what the “spirit” of The Evil Dead is and crafts a stellar and worthy upgrade. The marketing campaign claims that this will be “the most terrifying film you will ever experience,” which is not too far from the truth. Each horror fan will have their all-time fave but what you expect horror films to do Evil Dead does superbly. You will jump, your heart will race, you’ll cover your mouth and your eyes, and your brain will twist and twist. Maybe it won’t be the hands down most terrifying film you will have ever seen but it will definitely be one of them especially in the past five to ten years.

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Movie Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

kiss-kiss-bang-bang-posterWith writing credits for the first two Lethal Weapons, the Last Boy Scout, and the Long Kiss Goodnight, Shane Black made his directorial debut in 2005 with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This detective noir has the perfect mix of dark humor driven by Robert Downey Jr. perfectly. Shane Black has teamed up again with Robert Downey Jr. in the upcoming Iron Man 3 so I thought this would be the perfect time to review this sleeper hit.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Harry Lockhart who is a small time crook from New York City. After a robbery goes wrong he finds himself running from the police. He makes his way into a random building and barges into a room where auditions for a movie are taking place. Mistaken as an actor he begins to audition for the role. With the state of mind he is in mixed with the type of role he is “auditioning” for, he completely mesmorizes the casting crew. Immediately, the casting director wants to send him to L.A. As for the police, an officer stumbles into the room but doesn’t recognize the “actor” as his perpetrator and even wishes him good luck.

I usually post the movie trailer with my reviews but I felt that this trailer gave away a key scene. Instead, here is the clip of Harry Lockhart eluding the police.

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Movie Review: [REC]

rec Spanish altKnowing that [REC] is the movie that Quarantine was based on, you may be hesitant to go see this movie. I’ve already gone over the difference between the two and reviewed the sequel which continues right from where this movie left off so it’s about time I finally reviewed the original.

I consider myself a horror movie connoisseur as I’ve been watching horror movies since I was a kid. I understand that the standard for judging horror movies generally have to be lower than other movie categories and that really good horror movies are few and far between. Then you have those guilty pleasures where you know it’s an enjoyable movie because of the killings and horror scenes even though the story itself is really nothing special. I just love that roller-coaster ride of fear and panic that a good horror movie can send you on.

All that being said,  I really have to admit that in my opinion [REC] is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Once everything started spinning out of control my heart was racing and by the end of the movie I was literally up off my couch freaking out.

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App Review: RetailMeNot


RetailMeNot is a handy money-saving coupon app. Whenever I buy anything through a retail outlet, whether it be online or in-store, I check this app to see if there are any coupons I could use. It saves you from having to cut out or print coupons and its convenient because your phone is always with you anyway. Whenever I’m at a store and I decide on something to buy I quickly search to see if the store has a coupon. Just show the cashier at the register the coupon and they just scan it. Simple as that you save yourself a few extra bucks. It’s a free app so why not?

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Movie Review: Unstoppable

Unstoppable_PosterI’ve been on a Tony Scott kick for awhile now! (Check out my previous posts on Beat the Devil and Agent Orange.) What can I say though? I love his style and his final film does not disappoint. At first, the premise of the movie seems awkward and may be a turn off for most but however awkward, it is inspired by true events. An unmanned train under power races through the suburbs of Pennsylvania and (of course) it is carrying thousands of gallons of a harmful chemical – molten phenol. It is up to two railroad employees, an engineer – Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) and a conductor – Will Colsen (Chris Pine) to catch up to the runaway train and do what they can to stop it.

Tony Scott must love trains. His two movie shorts, mentioned earlier, both included trains and lets not forget he also directed The Taking of Pelham 123. With his fast-paced edits and a palette of mechanical color tones, Scott has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. I think the key scene is showing how a train of such massive force can escape the grips of man and all of a sudden become this very real threat to the citizens of Pennsylvania. This scene really sets the tone leaving you with genuine concern for stopping it.

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