How To: Change Your Wi-Fi Name & Password on Xfinity or Comcast

comcast_xfinityEver get annoyed at the ridiculously long and confusing password for your wi-fi network given to you through your internet provider? Usually when you get your internet installed the wi-fi name and password is predetermined for you and the password is annoyingly long and often difficult to remember. It’s even more embarrassing when friends come over and ask for your password and you have to play the game of reading it slowly for them to type it into their device. Fortunately, there is an easy way to change the wi-fi name and password. The following directions are for Xfinity or Comcast.

wifi router

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How To: Set Xfinity or Comcast Remote to Control Volume on a Surround Sound Device

Silver_with_Red_OK_Button-small.ashxWhen you get cable installed the installer usually programs your cable box remote to also control the power and volume for your TV. However, if you use a surround sound system for audio then you still need a separate remote just to control the volume. There is a way though to have the volume buttons control your surround sound system rather than your TV or cable box no matter what mode your remote is on – CABLE, TV, or AUX. These simple instructions are for Xfinity or Comcast users.


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