MinutePhysics – Does the Universe have a Purpose?

photoWorld reknowned American Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson teamed up with MinutePhysics – a YouTube channel dedicated to explaining complex physics topics in short video clips by using simple drawings. Tyson was asked to respond to the question, “Does the Universe have a Purpose?” His response was simple yet eye-opening and really put things in perspective. He also reminds us how small our time as humans here on Earth has been and on a much grander scale in the Universe when looking through the timeline of cosmic history. The drawings that go along with his narration really drive home the point and adds in some humor as well. A lot of the videos MinutePhysics posts are interesting and enjoyable but this one in particular really stands out. Enjoy!

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“A Jolt of Productive Vitality”

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard.”
-President John F. Kennedy
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“Your god could have done a much better job…”

“You call yourself a Christian. May I ask? In what sense are you a Christian?”
“I’m a Christian in the sense that I find Jesus Christ to be an admirable historical figure. I think the Sermon on the Mount is one of the greatest ethical statements and one of the best speeches in history. I think that ‘Love your enemy’ might even be the long-shot solution to the problem of nuclear war. I wish he was alive today. It would benefit everybody on the planet. But I think Jesus was only a man. A great man, a brave man, a man with insight into unpopular truths. But I don’t think he was God or the son of God or the grandnephew of God.”
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Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

As much as I try to dismiss it I can’t. What does it mean? I’ve become an addict to the enigma. Leading a lonely life full of selfish decisions and much regret, it seems the night summons my inner demons to haunt my every thought. My long measures of chaotic insanity are disrupted only by gloomy occurrences of miserable solitude. Sleep would be my only escape; how I yearn for it. My conscience won’t allow it.

The short refuge from this life long torment, my rare state of nirvana comes solely from random episodes of paralysis. The dream is always the same. My senses convince me it’s real; logic demands otherwise. Am I dreaming? What if I’m not? Maybe then reality is just my nightmare? If a dream is as colorful as reality how then does one make the distinction?

In the dream I am plagued by the question. I’m obsessed with it. The brilliant minds since the beginning have disputed over it and still to no avail. Why must it be me that is appointed the task? Each failure, the moment I give up, leads me back to this agony. I need to know before it happens ag-

Oh God.
My muscles contort.
My body relapses.
My mind becomes feeble.
My vision fades to black.

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