Movie Review: [REC]

rec Spanish altKnowing that [REC] is the movie that Quarantine was based on, you may be hesitant to go see this movie. I’ve already gone over the difference between the two and reviewed the sequel which continues right from where this movie left off so it’s about time I finally reviewed the original.

I consider myself a horror movie connoisseur as I’ve been watching horror movies since I was a kid. I understand that the standard for judging horror movies generally have to be lower than other movie categories and that really good horror movies are few and far between. Then you have those guilty pleasures where you know it’s an enjoyable movie because of the killings and horror scenes even though the story itself is really nothing special. I just love that roller-coaster ride of fear and panic that a good horror movie can send you on.

All that being said,  I really have to admit that in my opinion [REC] is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Once everything started spinning out of control my heart was racing and by the end of the movie I was literally up off my couch freaking out.

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Movie Review: End of Watch

end-of-watch-posterEnd of Watch was OK. Entertaining enough but I would rather have  just waited for Blu Ray. It’s supposed to be one of those Blair Witch or Cloverfield type movies where as the viewer you are supposed to be watching “found footage.” In the beginning, the movie establishes that Jake Gyllenhall has a hand-held camcorder while also having, along with his partner, a minicam pinned to their uniforms. My main gripe, however, is that there are camera shots interspersed throughout the film that are not from any camera point of view. This breaks the rule of “found footage” movies. For instance, Jake is recording his partner kick open a locked door from the front of an empty house. All of a sudden though we cut to a shot from inside the house just to see his partner bust open the door and them coming through with guns drawn. Yet, no one is in the house so who’s camera are we looking through? Then we are suddenly back looking through Jake’s camcorder. It just didn’t make sense and it happens a little too often. It’s like the director wanted to include certain shots but couldn’t think of how to include them from someone’s camera point of view so he just threw them in there and just hoped no one noticed. #SloppyDirecting

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Movie Review: The Bay

imageFinally, a fresh take in the “found footage” horror genre. This movie is “bugged” out in the literal sense of the word. If an infestation of bugs is on your list of worst fears then this movie will freak you out!

The Bay takes you for a ride of widespread panic as we watch an unexplained and fast-spreading outbreak takeover the unsuspecting town of Claridge. The community members try to enjoy their annual Fourth of July Festival. Unfortunately for them, deadly microscopic parasites infest the bay that hosts their festival and caters their drinking water.

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Movie Review: [REC 2]

REC2-teaser-posterFirst off, I recognize I never actually reviewed the original REC even though I already compared it with Quarantine and now I have this review posted. I intend to go back to it but I already had this review ready to go so I decided to post it ahead of my review for the original REC. (Update: Finally posted my [REC] review!)


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Quarantine vs. [REC]

vs.     Image
Bottom Line (even though it’s on top): REC is the better one.