How to Set the Green Button to Maximize Windows the Right Way on a Mac

rightzoomiconIf you’re coming from Microsoft Windows and start using a Mac you probably expect the green button to maximize your window. However, the maximize button behaves differently on Mac. When you hit the green button it widens your window just enough to the point where all your content fits horizontally. So you can still see your desktop or other programs in the background. There is, of course, the full screen button that will have your program overlap the toolbar on the top. Unfortunately, not all programs have the fullscreen button. Also, if you’re used to Microsoft Windows you may prefer to just have your program maximize by taking up the entire desktop area but still leave you with the toolbar on the top. Thankfully, there is a way to do that.

By downloading an application called RightZoom it will automatically have the green button on the top left of all your applications maximize the way it does on Windows; by taking up your whole desktop without hiding the toolbar on the top.

How to Install RightZoom

RightZoom is a free app and it is very easy to install. The above video also shows you how to install it but here are the steps written out for you.

  1. First download it from (CNet is a very trustworthy site to download applications from. No annoying pop-ups or spyware.) Here is the download link: RightZoom
  2. Once it’s downloaded drag the icon onto your dock.
  3. Now, two-finger click it (or ctrl + click) to open the submenu. Hover over ‘Options’ and make sure the ‘Open at Login’ option has a checkmark next to it. If not check it.
  4. Now open System Preferences and click on Accessibility. On the bottom left make sure the ‘Enable access for assistive devices’ option is checked.
  5. Finally, go back to your dock and click on the RightZoom icon. You will not see anything happen but now when you press the green button your windows will maximize in the true sense of the word!

Hope this was helpful! Any questions or comments please post =)



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