How To: Change Your Wi-Fi Name & Password on Xfinity or Comcast

comcast_xfinityEver get annoyed at the ridiculously long and confusing password for your wi-fi network given to you through your internet provider? Usually when you get your internet installed the wi-fi name and password is predetermined for you and the password is annoyingly long and often difficult to remember. It’s even more embarrassing when friends come over and ask for your password and you have to play the game of reading it slowly for them to type it into their device. Fortunately, there is an easy way to change the wi-fi name and password. The following directions are for Xfinity or Comcast.

wifi router

To Change Your Network Name and Password for Xfinity or Comcast:

  1. Using your internet browser log into the router by typing the following address: (assuming it is using the default address).  The default userid is “admin”, the default password is “password”.
  2. In the menu on the left-hand side go to Gateway -> Connection -> WiFi and press the EDIT button next to your wireless network.
  3. Change the Network Name (SSID) and the Network Password to whatever you desire and then press the SAVE SETTINGS button.
  4. If you want to change the login password used in step 1 above, go to Troubleshooting -> Change Password, provide the Current Password, the New Password, and Re-enter New Password and press the SAVE button.

And you’re all set! Hope this was helpful. If you did or have a question feel free to drop a line =)



120 thoughts on “How To: Change Your Wi-Fi Name & Password on Xfinity or Comcast

  1. I have a TG852G router and I am unable to change my wifi name or password.

    I am able to login to using admin/password.

    I am able to navigate to the wifi page and select the edit option.

    I enter a new name and password and click save settings. Sometimes it looks like it was successful and a new screen comes up with the new name I entered. But no wireless devices find the new name, they only find the old name. If I click on edit again, it still has the old name listed. The modem is not accepting the changes and reverts back to the system SSID and password.

    I have done router factory resets, computer reboots but still get the same issue. I keep going in circles.

  2. thank you thank you thank you. i have been so frustrated. finally found your simple and straightforward explanation and viola. merci. gracias. thank you.

  3. Hi i did everything its says to do but everytime i put in admin and password its saying incorrect login what do i need to do cause i need to change my wifi. Please help! Thank you.

  4. I have an I Phone 4 and once I changed my password like you showed above I cannot connect to my wireless network. It shows the phone in the list of connected devices but my phone will not connect to the WiFi.

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  6. I’ve been trying to change the password for an hour. It tells me that “admin” and “Password” are incorrect. Also, I’m not getting a menu on the left. Just “Admin Tool Login” with fields for user name and password and nothing else. Service was installed a couple of days ago, and the technician did set it up with our preferred network name & password, but when we had to unplug the router for a second, it reset itself to factory settings. If the instructions Comcast gave me don’t work, I shouldn’t have to pay to fix this.

  7. Same problem here…can’t change pass word…keep getting the error message “admin” and “password” do not match! Any suggestions? I was on chat with a comcast tech for 45 min. Reset router from my end and their end, tried on 3 different browsers, then they disconnected me. Tried calling and there was a 30 min. wait! So frustrating!!!

    • Yes, I was on the phone for a long time with the same issue and then was told I’d have to pay for more experienced tech people. So I’m putting up with the ridiculous password for now. Annoying that they don’t acknowledge this is a widespread problem.

  8. When I was trying to activate the wireless modem connection to my Apple laptop on my private network and I would get a – ” WAP password required” box to connect online. I called Comcast to ask them where is this WAP password generated from? After talking to 3 technicians over an hour resetting the modem 2 times they couldn’t answer that question and recommended I pay $79.00 to upgrade the troubleshooting level. I said no and ended the Comcast support call. I went online, found this link, read the information and followed it to open the WAP network password reset option and typed in the password I wanted. I then finished the final confirmation signal connection by clicking the “Pair” button and the modem WiFi indicator light cycled on. When I opened the laptop to the network connection box I typed in the new generated password it connected immediately. I’m so happy I found this link to help guide me to make the right setting changes…. Thanks for posting this valuable information.

  9. I typed admin and password, it showed “authentication failed”…. I tried every possible username and password, same….what should I do …………………

  10. Thanks Morally O! This worked perfectly. (I am a little ashamed that I searched through the Wireless Gateway Admin Tool for a while and I guess I never clicked on “Connection” on the left, but you pointed me right to it!) It is pretty ridiculous that the quick start guide does not mention how to do this (or even mention the wizard). Thanks again.

  11. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! After digging around Comcast’s labyrinthine non-answers I found your pithy, to the point, totally correct, and immensely helpful checklist. Bingo, it’s done! THANK YOU!

  12. Omg thank you so much. I tried contacting Comcast and they tried to charge me $75 dollars to change my password. I just wanted to “know” my passowrd, and the rep on the phone was not helpful at all. Thank you so much for your help. 🙂

  13. been having issues with wifi dropping off for a while now, just talked to comcast and they said the ONLY reason i was having issues was because I’d changed the name and password., They told me the only way to fix my issue was to reset everything to factory settings and not to cahnge my name or password to the router again. Does this make any sense?

  14. oh good, nowi can finally sign on to my internet……NOT the freakin’ IP address doesn’t even work.
    what kind of shit is that.. Don’t put stupid shit in your user guides. It’s aggrevating and frustrating.
    Do you even have a soul?

  15. I am not setting my WiFi up from default. My wife created the account at I have all the info I need I think. The site will not let me log in but I can log into my WiFi and my Comcast account.

  16. Morally O / Darryl Brian, Thanks so much! I didn’t find your blog until after much useless research on Comcast sites and my second call to Comcast for customer “support”. (really?) The first time their tech changed my wifi password for me (rather than tell me how easy it was per your advice). Second call, several days later after I’d tried in vain to get my devices to connect with the new wifi passphrase they entered (it worked once during my call to Comcast), your directions helped me discover how to get my password to show up on my own computer. Turns out it was still my OLD wifi password… or it had been changed back the next day after they reset it. I cannot imagine how Comcast survives. Is it those “slow” turtles using DSL in their commercials? Nothing about DSL could be slower than spending days trying to get help from Comcast xfinity! It’s hard to believe they charge their customers extra to get help using their already expensive and poorly supported services. Thanks for doing something morally praiseworthy to compensate for comcast’s greedy monopoly.

  17. i just had the tech leave after installing new service and i want to change the wifi ssid and password and when i go to there is no place for me to chane anything it just shows the menu bar that has this options
    HW/FW Versions
    Event Log
    CM State

    If I go to the Xfinity tab it gets an error the page can not be found
    if I go to the advanced tab it wants a password of the day

  18. Comcast is an outrage. They are unable to provide support because they have too few competent tech people. Frustration and anger and hours pissed away on the phone.

  19. I am so thankful for this advice as I was driving myself insane trying to use wizard that didn’t work everytime I did it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    • You need to log in using a device that’s not actually on the wireless. I used a laptop connected with an Ethernet connection. Of course they don’t tell you this.

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  21. Worked like magic! Thanks for the tip 🙂 Took me all but 3 minutes. Was logged in wireless too, after saving it kicked me out (duh) but once I re-selected the new router name and password it took me back to the gateway window.

  22. How can I find out who and what device are using my internet or wi fi??? Can you also let me know what dates these devices where or is using my internet or wi fi…..

  23. Thank you. Very helpful. On line 4.If you want to change the login password used in step 1 above, go to Troubleshooting -> Change Password, provide the Current Password, the New Password, and Re-enter New Password and press the SAVE button. All you got to do is after you sign in there is an option on the top right corner that reads change password, just click on it.

  24. I would have been trying this all day long, if not for your instructions. Why wouldnt Comcast just make their instrucitons easier for everyone to understand? Thank you so very much for taking the time.

  25. Hi, in the past I’ve gotten on with admin/password but I must’ve changed it at one point… Is there any way I can get that info back?

  26. Using my cell to search and surf the web … i am constantly HAVING to sign in and then out & or vise-versa 10+ times throughout the day i am getting really fed up and tired of it… please help before i mail the router back

  27. Your directions worked perfectly. I was able to set up my replacement modem with my old SSID and password. Now I don’t need to change this in all of our connected devices. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

  28. I am to put lock on my WiFi because people outside are using up my data an I am trying online to do it but are unable it would not log in

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  34. I changed the network I’d and password but when I try and log in from any of my phones it tells me incorrect… help!

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  36. I have to upgrade my xfinity modem because it won’t work any longer with internet speed changes. I have a media system that uses my wifi so I’m worried that everything will stop working when I swap out the modem. I didn’t implement the media system. If I change out the modem and change the SSID and password to match the ones on my original modem, do you think I won’t have to touch the media system? I tweeted you too.

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