Movie Review: The Descent

TheDescentPoster-755748_JPGThe Descent caught me off guard on how scary it is. Good horror movies are so hard to come by. What I most especially appreciated about this movie is how primal it is. The characters recognize what they have to do and take a stand against impossible odds. This is survival of the fittest. Hunt or be hunted. I compare this movie to the original Predator. Lost in uncharted territory and dealing with an unknown creature or creatures. The Descent forces its characters to enter a savage kill or be killed mentality ‘descending’ them towards madness.

By the way, there is a sequel. I don’t recommend it by any means. I actually knew it wasn’t going to be worth watching after reading reviews on IMDb and rotten tomatoes but it was easily available on Netflix Streaming and my curiosity got the best of me. It ruins the perfect ending of the original. So, yea, don’t bother with the sequel. Store it away with Alien Resurrection, Terminator 3 and 4, and Batman and Robin and act like it doesn’t exist.

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