MinutePhysics – Does the Universe have a Purpose?

photoWorld reknowned American Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson teamed up with MinutePhysics – a YouTube channel dedicated to explaining complex physics topics in short video clips by using simple drawings. Tyson was asked to respond to the question, “Does the Universe have a Purpose?” His response was simple yet eye-opening and really put things in perspective. He also reminds us how small our time as humans here on Earth has been and on a much grander scale in the Universe when looking through the timeline of cosmic history. The drawings that go along with his narration really drive home the point and adds in some humor as well. A lot of the videos MinutePhysics posts are interesting and enjoyable but this one in particular really stands out. Enjoy!

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One thought on “MinutePhysics – Does the Universe have a Purpose?

  1. Very interesting, thanks for posting.

    So his answer is “I’m not sure” in other words he doesn’t know, there might be a purpose or there might not be.

    Lets pretend for a a second that there isn’t a purpose (which is what he seems to believe even though he admits he doesn’t know)… who cares? If life is meaningless then nothing matters. It wouldn’t even be worth it to debate if deGrasse is right or wrong. What would be the purpose? Ultimately nothing matters. In a billion years we’ll all be dead and there won’t even be a memory of anything we said, thought, or did. Whether you helped people or murdered people ultimately didn’t matter. Whether you worked hard or stole from helpless people ultimately didn’t matter. Whether you loved or hated didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. So, who cares?

    The compilation of 66 divinely revealed books called the Bible paints a different picture. He said “To say that the universe has a purpose is to imply that is has a desired outcome but what would the desired outcome be?” Then he assumes the Bible is wrong and starts to hypothesize ridiculous possible outcomes. Why doesn’t he just see what God’s word says? The Bible tells us what the desired outcome is: to manifest God’s glory.

    God is a triune Being. He is one in His nature but three in His persons. For allow eternity past the three persons of the Trinity have existed in a perfect triangle of joyous love. This perfect harmony of superabundant joy and love is so awesome that it spilled over into the creation of a universe filled with human beings for the express purpose that we will partake and experience and rejoice in God’s glory. In other words God created us not because He needed us but because He desires to reveal Himself to us.

    The chief purpose for our existence is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. That’s why we exist. To know Him, to behold Him, to love Him, to enjoy Him, to reflect Him, to worship Him.

    He mentioned the bacteria. Bacteria are not bearers of the divine image like we are. They cant have a relationship with God. They’re not moral agents as we are. They can’t create iPhones or write novels or put things on Mars. They don’t wonder about the meaning of life. They’re not image bearers.

    He said humans weren’t around to ask these questions for 99.99999% of cosmic history… assuming the Bible is wrong that is. According to the Bible God made the world in 6 days and He created mankind on the sixth day. And right away when God made us our first forefathers knew Him and His will was not hidden for them. People didn’t become confused about he purpose of life until the rebellion.

    Speaking of the rebellion, he said if this we were create to inhabit his environment then what’s with all the disease, death, bloodshed, destruction, and decay? These are all a result of the rebellion. When man sinned against God, God put a curse on man and the entires universe. These things aren’t evidence that life has no purpose, they’re evidence that there is something dramatically wrong between us and God. God and man are not friends. We’re enemies.

    He said that when there are just as many events that are purported to be in our best interest as there are events that would just as soon kill us, intent is hard to determine. Unless God reveals the intent to us. The reason bad things happen is because we’re rebels to God’s reign and we’re under His wrath. The reason good things happen is because God is gracious and loves His enemies. He says that His intention in blessing us (even though what we deserve is immediate judgment) is to lead us to repentance. He says He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but would rather the wicked turn from his evil ways and live. His kindness is meant to lead us to repentance. Ironically, His judgments are also meant to lead us to repentance. He’s basically saying “this is how bad it will be if you don’t repent, this is how good it will be if you do, therefore repent, that is, turn from your sin unto me, and I will freely pardon you and remember your sin no more”.

    deGrassi says he sees the universe as it is. God says deGrassi sees it as he wishes it to be. God says that He has made His existence known to all of us in such a way that we will be without excuse on judgment day. He says that the reason people don’t see it is because we love our sin so much that we’re blinded by it. He says that we so love our sin that we deny the obvious so we can see the world as we wish it to be (without God, without accountability, without judgment).

    Is there purpose to the universe? Is this all meaningless? There is purpose. The purpose is that we glorify God and enjoy him forever. And the only way for a sinner to do that is to repent and believe the good news of what Christ has done for sinners.

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