Sports Moment: Linsanity!!!

imageAs a New York Knicks fan all my life, I have to say the short-lived Linsanity era was one of the more exciting periods. Most especially after Patrick Ewing and Jeff Van Gundy left the Knicks there was a long period of time where it was just difficult to root for them (no thanks to Isiah Thomas but that’s a subject for another day). It got exciting when Amar’e Stoudemire joined the team and then even more so when Carmelo Anthony did too but the story of Jeremy Lin’s rise in the NBA is one of the most fascinating stories in professional sports. The high hopes for the Knicks before the season, the struggles during the season, and all the chatter about whether Amar’e and Melo could coexist really toyed with the hearts of Knicks fans. And then all of a sudden Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere and seemed to be the answer New York was looking for. Instantly, he became an international sensation. The seven game win streak put them in a position to fight for a playoff spot and in essence actually matter in the NBA. Fast breaks, alley-oops, three point bombs – it was fast-paced basketball led by Jeremy Lin under the guidance of Mike D’antoni’s style of play – the run and gun. Of course, Lin eventually got injured and wasn’t able to come back from it and then even after that New York couldn’t match the offer Houston gave him. So again, Linsanity was short-lived but it is still a memorable piece of sports history.



What are your thoughts?

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