App Review: Jasmine – a Superior YouTube Client

20130126-214723.jpgJasmine is a full-featured YouTube app for iOS. It’s free and there is both an iPhone/iPod Touch version and an iPad version. The one word that comes to mind when using this app is elegance. It is just a simple yet beautiful app. I enjoy the user interface much more than Google’s official YouTube app. I actually wish Google would just buy it out and release it as its official one.

But the beauty of this app isn’t actually the reason I recommend this. What I love most about it is the ability to fully create and manage playlists. More specifically, you can search for all the songs of your favorite albums and organize the tracks in order into playlists. With this app you essentially have access to all your favorite albums. And it’s so simple to do. Even the official YouTube app doesn’t have the ability to create playlists. You can somewhat edit them but nowhere near as smooth and easy as you can on Jasmine. You can name a playlist of your favorite album, search for all the songs, and add them to your playlist all from within the search list in less than a minute. Doing this on the YouTube app is just much more cumbersome.

Jasmine also has an auto-play feature. So start the first song and it’ll just continue to play the rest of the album. And again, auto-play is another feature the official YouTube app does not have! Beauty, playlists, and auto-play – the score is 3-0 in Jasmine’s favor.

Ok, so now you have your playlist and you have it playing through your iPhone. But now you want to check your Facebook. So you hit the home button to switch apps and then… the music stops. That’s not cool. It seems, at first, that once you leave the Jasmine app the music doesn’t play in the background. Not to fret; all you have to do is double-click the home button to bring up the multi-task bar, swipe to the left for the music controls, and press the play button. Now you’re good to go! Your music is playing in the background and you’re free to do whatever else you want! And yet again, background playback is another feature the YouTube app does not have. 4-0

It’s because of how easy it is to access full albums that I love this app. The fact the the user-interface is just much more friendlier and prettier is a welcomed bonus. And it’s free! No-brainier =)

Free – Download now



7 thoughts on “App Review: Jasmine – a Superior YouTube Client

    • I reached out to the app developer via twitter about this and he responded with the following:

      “@DarrylMYo I’m looking into it mate, I’ll see if I can bundle a patch for that along with the new update.”

      Glad to see that he is working on it! =)

      • How can u get auto play to work? I have a few playlists and when one video is done it stops and doesnt go to the next song. Any idea anyone?

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  3. This used to be a great app for my ipad2 but since the last update autoplay does not work and also will not add to play lists. I suspect a lot of this is due to the YouTube api rather than the developer

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