Short Films: Superman vs. Hulk

Check out Mike Habjan’s series of Superman vs. Hulk CGI short films. Mike works on these independently on his own time and has put in years of work. You can see between each part how much improvement he has made as the graphics just get better, the action gets more intense, and the length of each part is longer. He has done a superb job and I hope he keeps making more of these. Check them out and enjoy!
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How to Get the Windows 7 Snap Feature on a Mac to Maximize Windows or Split Screen

BetterTouchTool IconYou may remember the Windows 7 marketing campaign where they kept accentuating the snap method of splitting your screen when using two different programs. By dragging a program to the left it would automatically reshape your window to take up the left half of your screen. Then you can do the same thing to another program on the right side. This way you can easily use both programs simultaneously. Writing a paper? Have Safari open on the left side and Microsoft Word on the right.

Microsoft calls this Windows Snapping. You can also drag a window to the top and it will maximize automatically. Now you can bring Windows Snapping to Mac!

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How to Set the Green Button to Maximize Windows the Right Way on a Mac

rightzoomiconIf you’re coming from Microsoft Windows and start using a Mac you probably expect the green button to maximize your window. However, the maximize button behaves differently on Mac. When you hit the green button it widens your window just enough to the point where all your content fits horizontally. So you can still see your desktop or other programs in the background. There is, of course, the full screen button that will have your program overlap the toolbar on the top. Unfortunately, not all programs have the fullscreen button. Also, if you’re used to Microsoft Windows you may prefer to just have your program maximize by taking up the entire desktop area but still leave you with the toolbar on the top. Thankfully, there is a way to do that.

By downloading an application called RightZoom it will automatically have the green button on the top left of all your applications maximize the way it does on Windows; by taking up your whole desktop without hiding the toolbar on the top.

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How the Superman vs. Batman Movie Changes Batman as We Know


DC Comics and Warner Brothers, and more specifically Zack Snyder, made an explosion at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con when announcing that the Man of Steel sequel will pit Superman against the Dark Knight himself. The crowd went wild, as did the blog-o-sphere universe and if I had been at Comic-Con myself I would have gone nuts too. But how many of you ‘Blinked?’ How many of you had a Malcolm Gladwell moment of doubt or concern in spite of how excited you were, how excited the entire crowd was, the twitter world, the internet, and any child, teenager, and adult that has ever picked up a DC comic? To be fair, I don’t expect everyone to say that they did but I myself as a life-long Batman fan have to say that I am feeling… concerned.

It is clear that this is in direct response to Marvel’s Avengers. Carefully planned each hero had their own movie or set of movies and then united for the epic that is The Avengers and will reunite again on May 1st, 2015. Strategically, Superman vs. Batman will also be released that summer which presumably brings them a step closer to their inevitable Justice League movie. Marvel has been dominating the big screen especially if you include Sony’s Spiderman movies and Fox’s X-Men movies. DC has had huge success with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy but flopped big time with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern. Man of Steel has been DC’s first successful comic book film outside of the Bat flicks and since Marvel’s characters entered the movie industry with X-Men way back in 2000. Continue reading

Zombies and Terminators

In honor of World War Z’s release today, I would like to reblog this post from over a year ago titled, “Zombies and Terminators.” It is a funny poem I wrote which parodies Robert Frost’s famous poem “Fire and Ice.” If you are unfamiliar, Frost’s short poem is about how the world ends through either fire or ice. Since zombies and terminators also deal with the end of the world it all just fell right into place. I think this is something all movie fanatics would get a kick out of. Enjoy! =)

Movie Chatter: ‘Iron Man 3: What Should Have Happened…’ by Adam Frazier

hulk vs iron manAdam Frazier, aka FamousMonster, of Geeks of Doom wrote a quick story of what he thinks Iron Man 3 should have been and I have to say it is music to my ears. His writing plays out like a movie in your head especially since we are already familiar with all the characters. He begins by summarizing his bitter distaste towards Iron Man 3 and then shows us what potential it had not only as a sequel to the Iron Man series but a direct aftermath story to the events of Avengers. As someone who could not be more excited for Iron Man 3 and then leaving the theater feeling completely duped, I actually felt the excitement I wanted to feel just reading what Frazier wrote. I wanted to share his story to other Iron Man and Avengers fans too in the hopes that they appreciate it as much as I did. It’s not a complete story and he fast forwards through the details so it is not a long read. He just gives you a gist of a story. It’s just for his piece of mind to show that there was so much potential and for others like myself who don’t have the imagination nor the knowledge of the comic books to piece together a superior story than what Shane Black and Drew Pearce could come up with. Here is a small sample of what Frazier offers but please take the time to stop by Geeks of Doom to check out his original post.

Instead of Malibu, Iron Man 3 should have picked up in Manhattan at Stark Tower, referred to as Avengers Tower now thanks to the single A on the side of the building. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are at work on unlocking the secrets of inter-dimensional travel, wormholes, space aliens – you know, genius stuff.

Meanwhile, overseas, Iron Patriot (Don Cheadle) is fighting a one-man war against The Ten Rings, a terrorist organization using a stockpile of Stark Industries weapons to kill innocents and spread fear. The Ten Rings are lead by a mysterious warlord known as the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) – a master of deception who sits in the shadows and threatens the American people with Al-Qaeda-like taped messages. Continue reading

iOS Tip: Alternatives to iOS Stock Apps for iPhone & iPad

hero_frontApple’s core iOS apps are good enough for what they are intended for but there are much better apps out there that can improve your iPhone or iPad experience. A lot of them are free and the others are worth the price tag. Here I will offer a list and short review of each. Continue reading

How To: Change Your Wi-Fi Name & Password on Xfinity or Comcast

comcast_xfinityEver get annoyed at the ridiculously long and confusing password for your wi-fi network given to you through your internet provider? Usually when you get your internet installed the wi-fi name and password is predetermined for you and the password is annoyingly long and often difficult to remember. It’s even more embarrassing when friends come over and ask for your password and you have to play the game of reading it slowly for them to type it into their device. Fortunately, there is an easy way to change the wi-fi name and password. The following directions are for Xfinity or Comcast.

wifi router

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How To: Set Xfinity or Comcast Remote to Control Volume on a Surround Sound Device

Silver_with_Red_OK_Button-small.ashxWhen you get cable installed the installer usually programs your cable box remote to also control the power and volume for your TV. However, if you use a surround sound system for audio then you still need a separate remote just to control the volume. There is a way though to have the volume buttons control your surround sound system rather than your TV or cable box no matter what mode your remote is on – CABLE, TV, or AUX. These simple instructions are for Xfinity or Comcast users.


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Movie Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Evil-Dead-PosterFor fans of the original and for the younger generation horror fans, I am here to give my approval for Fede Alvarez’s new take on The Evil Dead. He has a clear understanding of what the “spirit” of The Evil Dead is and crafts a stellar and worthy upgrade. The marketing campaign claims that this will be “the most terrifying film you will ever experience,” which is not too far from the truth. Each horror fan will have their all-time fave but what you expect horror films to do Evil Dead does superbly. You will jump, your heart will race, you’ll cover your mouth and your eyes, and your brain will twist and twist. Maybe it won’t be the hands down most terrifying film you will have ever seen but it will definitely be one of them especially in the past five to ten years.

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